Yelp Concept

Designing a Personalized In-Restaurant Experience

Roles  //  Product Design
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Timeline: September-November 2017


Some users use Yelp to find new restaurants. Others look up new dishes when they are already at a restaurant.

Imagine that you are in a brand new restaurant in a foreign place. You're indecisive, not knowing what is good to maximize your restaurant experience. How awesome would it be if Yelp customized an in-restaurant experience for you? With items recommended by your friends, tourists, and locals, your restaurant experience will be both fast and personalized.

Yelp wants to solve the problem of “what to eat”: letting users explore new dishes at restaurants. But, users hardly engage with Yelp content in restaurants because:

1) Information is not organized clearly and effectively
2) Does not offer customized experience for different user preferences
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