Roles  //  UX Designer, Background Designer
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Timeline: Spring 2018 //Team: Cathy Liu, Sarah Skrutskie, Luke Shin, Amrit Amar, Brandon Zhang, Alan Pascual.

Our game won the Most Innovative Award at the 2018 Game Design Initiative (GDIAC) Showcase!

Having accidentally shattered the fabric of reality, a lab assistant must now travel through newly formed rifts to other worlds and repair them. However, she is not alone on this endless stream of time-lagged alternative selves that copy her every move. Physical contact with any one of these alternative selves creates a paradox that will massively accelerate the breakdown of time and space, destroying her, and the world, instantly.


Navigate an ever-growing maze of alternative selves
Explore strange and beautiful worlds
Collect broken shards of space
Repair the rifts between worlds

Design Goals


Our game is meant for platformer enthusiasts with a taste for fast-paced gameplay. The interaction between strategic pathfinding and intense weaving through alternates makes this game quite challenging and perhaps too difficult for younger audiences, so our intended audience are ages 12 and up.

Fast-Paced Strategy

Players must be cognizant of the path that they take, since everywhere they walk will soon be dangerous to walk again. However, they do not have the luxury of time to carefully consider their options due to the ever-approaching train of alternates at their heels. And so, players must think as quickly as they can in order to navigate safely through this shifting maze.


Players will experience satisfaction as they succeed in dodging their alternates and repairing the rifts.

Market Segment


OUTOFSYNC is an action-strategy platformer that encourages players to think fast on their feet and to be aware not only of their surroundings but also of their own actions.


OUTOFSYNC can be played on PC or Mac with the arrow keys.


Snake: In Snake, players must collect apples while trying to avoid touching their tails, forcing players to plan out their paths very carefully rather than taking the most direct route to the apple. Similarly, in OUTOFSYNC, players must collect shards while trying to avoid touching their alternates, providing a very similar challenge. However, OUTOFSYNC adds another layer of strategy/skill as players can weave through their alternates with a combination of prior planning and good timing.

The Company of Myself: In The Company of Myself players must use the help of their alternates to complete the level. They can jump on the alternate and utilize them similar to platforms which can help access hard to reach areas. Contrary to this, in OUTOFSYNC players must avoid their alternates as they make backtracking from hard to reach platforms very difficult.

Clone Space: In Clone Space, players are able to fire projectiles that turn into clones, which can be used to unlock doors blocking the goal door. Additionally, players can switch between the original character and the clones. As stated above, in OUTOFSYNC, the alternates of the player can’t be controlled and must be treated as obstacles, adding more difficulty to traversing the platformer.

Unique Selling Points

Strategic Platforming: Few platformers force players to plan out and remember their paths like OUTOFSYNC. The difficulty in a level can vary greatly depending on the path that the player decides to take.

A Different Clone Mechanic: In many clone games, the purpose of the clones is to help the players overcome challenges. In OUTOFSYNC, however, the alternates are the primary challenge. Similar to games in which clones are helpful, the players will still have some level of control over the alternates in that their movements determine the path that the alternates will follow, but they must use this control to ensure that they never collide with an alternate.

Visual Appeal: Each rift the players travel through will take them to a new world. These worlds will be unique from one another, each beautiful in its own way.


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